How to Push Yourself, Even When You Don’t Want To

Mar 12, 2024

We all have those days when we just want to stay in bed. The alarm goes off and every part of you resists getting up. Your warm, cozy bed seems so much better than whatever awaits you that day. On mornings like these, it can take tremendous effort just to motivate yourself to start the day.

Believe me, I get it. There are definitely times when I'd rather pull the covers over my head than drag myself out from under them. But ultimately, staying in bed and avoiding responsibilities will only make you feel worse. Pushing through the resistance and fatigue to get out of bed and tackle the day is so important for achieving your goals and maintaining positive momentum in life.

If you're struggling to find the drive to get going in the morning, here are some tips:

1) Having a clear goal

Ambiguous goals lead to ambiguous outcomes. If you're just vaguely hoping to "be successful" or "get healthy" without defining what that means for you, it's no wonder you feel stuck. However, when you take the time to get specific about what you want, magical things start to happen.

Knowing exactly what you want makes it easier to take focused action. If your goal is to run a marathon, you can train your body and plan your schedule accordingly. If it's to get a promotion at work, you can talk to your boss about growth opportunities and develop relevant skills. Clear goals shine a light on the path ahead so you can follow it one step at a time.

Clarity also breeds motivation and energy. When you have a precise finish line in mind, you find the drive to push yourself towards it. Each small choice and habit becomes about progress rather than just aimless motion. With ambiguous goals, it's harder to get excited and commit wholeheartedly. But when you know exactly where you're going, your internal engines start revving.

So take some time for self-reflection. Get out a pen and paper and describe your ideal future. What do you want your life, work, relationships, and health to look like? The clearer you get, the easier it becomes to line up your daily actions with your big picture dreams. 

2) Surround yourself with gritty, driven people. 

We've all heard the saying "you are the company you keep," and it's so true. The people we spend the most time with inevitably rub off on us, for better or for worse. If you're feeling unmotivated or complacent lately, take a look at your inner circle. Do they push themselves to grow, take on challenges and level up? Or are they more prone to coasting and playing it safe?

If you need a boost of motivation, make an effort to befriend and spend time with people who are driven. Watch how they approach their goals and the habits they implement to make progress. Their tenacity will inspire you to work harder and expect more from yourself. Having driven friends pushes us to step outside our comfort zones and believe we can accomplish more. Their example gives us the permission to strive for our biggest dreams too.

Surrounding yourself with gritty go-getters energizes you and lights a fire. Their work ethic and determination rub off in the best way. You'll find yourself making more effort and feeling capable of achieving your big goals. Sometimes we just need the influence of people who expect greatness to ignite our own inner drive.

3) Create non-negotiable habits

As humans, we are creatures of habit. Most of us have daily habits and routines that we do without even thinking, like brushing our teeth, taking a shower, or making coffee in the morning. The key is to develop good habits that align with your goals and priorities. I call these “non-negotiable habits.”

What are non-negotiable habits? These are habits and routines that you commit to doing each and every day, no matter what, to push you closer to your goals. For example, if your goal is to get in better shape, a non-negotiable habit could be exercising for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. If your goal is to advance your career, a non-negotiable habit could be networking for an hour a week or applying to new jobs for an hour each day.

The important thing is that these habits become second nature, just like brushing your teeth. You do them automatically without making excuses. When your motivation is lacking, these habits will keep you on track. They form the foundation for success and progress. Identify 2-3 non-negotiable habits that would make a big impact on your goals and priorities, and commit to doing them each and every day. Before you know it, they’ll just be part of your daily routine. But the payoff is huge! Non-negotiable habits are a simple but powerful way to achieve more while staying focused on what really matters to you.

Give non-negotiable habits a try and let me know how it works for you! Success is often just a result of small habits and routines repeated over time. 

Know Why You Are Creating These Habits

We all have habits we want to change - whether it's eating healthier, exercising more, or simply getting organized. But when those pesky old habits creep back in, it can be easy to get discouraged. That's why it's so important to know why you are trying to create new, positive habits in the first place.

When you have a clear 'why', it gives you motivation on those days you really don't feel like sticking to your new routine. Maybe you want to lose weight to fit into your favorite pair of jeans again. Or you want to start a meditation practice to reduce stress. Whatever the reason, keep it top of mind. Write it down somewhere you'll see it daily as a reminder.

The great thing about habits is they start to become automatic over time. When you repeat actions enough, your brain actually creates new neural pathways that make them easier to replicate. That means the more you stick to your new healthy habits, the more natural they will start to feel.

Before you know it, things like hitting the gym, meal prepping on Sundays, and getting to bed early become second nature. And when better habits become your normal routine, it gets easier to implement other positive changes too. The momentum starts to build, compounding the benefits over time.

So next time you feel like falling back into old patterns, remember why you started this journey in the first place. Keep your 'why' in sight and know that with consistency, these new healthy habits will soon become just another part of your day. You've got this!

How's that? I aimed for a friendly, motivational tone that covers the main point of reminding yourself why you are creating new habits. Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand on anything.


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