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Receive 5 new Bible Journal Pages with extended lessons and devotions every week - that's a total of at least 20 printable pages per month in addition to the weekly micro page, plus monthly surprise bonus inside the FAITH POD!
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Encountering God during the moments of creativity that He brings into my life through journaling in a Bible has been a life-changing experience for me.




You're Going to Love This!


We know how much you cherish spending quality time with your loved ones and delving deeper into the Bible. So why not merge these two passions?

Every week, you'll receive a fresh batch of digital stickers centered around a specific theme in the Bible. You can choose to engage with the study materials at your own pace, tune in to the weekly YouTube lesson or video, and even create your own pages alongside me with your family and friends. It's a straightforward process that doesn't require much creativity - I should know because I'm not particularly artistic. Nonetheless, let me tell you about the incredible impact that using stickers has had on me.

  • I spend more quality time with the Lord creating fun easy pages
  • I learn more about the people in the Bible each week on a deeper level
  • I spend time with other like minded people in the communit
  • My support helps buy Bibles and support families that create these pages 
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An Easy, Fun and Interactive Way to Study God's Word!


It's a simple and enjoyable practice

As a child, I always loved using stickers, and despite feeling left out at times due to my lack of artistic ability compared to my mom and sister, I've realized that God meets us where we are and blesses us with unique gifts. Therefore, stickers have become an easy, fun, and effective way for me to connect with my Heavenly Father through His Word.

You will receive 5 digital printable pages

There are 5 digital printable pages every week to go along with our weekly video lesson - in addition to the weekly micro page, monthly surprise bonus inside the Faith Pod, and an invite to a private community to meet like minded friends where you can share ideas, get your questions answered and share all your creations. This is a fun way to make that time in the Word.

Pay only $5 a month

We want it to be affordable! Your payment goes to helping this nonprofit ministry that provides bibles and incomes to the families that make our digital pages. We also provide meals for the less fortunate and take in necessities to the local elderly and teen centers. So, you see - you become part of the bigger picture.

Women of the Bible 52 Week Study & Journaling Adventure

Each week you will receive a FREE micro Bible journal page to do as you please!


What you'll get:
  • Inspiration for 52 weeks of Bible Study and Journaling Adventures
  • You will receive 4 new Bible Journal Pages every week with extended lessons on website.
  • By using this as a study and prayer tool, it will allow you grow closer to God each day by spending more time with Him in the Word.
  • Community of like minded journaling sisters.
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More About the Course!

Here's a sneak peak of what you can learn inside the course!

All About Eve

She came into the world perfectly at peace with her God and with her husband, the only other person on the planet.  She lived in Paradise, possessing every pleasure imaginable.

All About Sarah

Beautiful enough to attract rulers in the ancient world, she cold be strong-willed and jealous, but was also a loyal wife who did what was right and who didn't give in to fear.

All About Hagar

A foreigner and slave, she let pride overtake her when she became Abraham's wife. A lonely woman with few resources, she suffered harsh punishment for her mistakes.

All About Lot's Wife

She was a prosperous woman who may have been more attached to the good life than was good for her.

All About Rebekah

Hard-working and generous, her faith was so great that she left her home forever to marry a man she had never seen or met.

All About Rachel

Manipulated by her father, she had little say over her own life or relationships. She behaved like a victim responding to sin with more sin.

What About Bonuses?

Amazing resources await you!

Bonus #1: 52 Women of the Bible Digital Printable Pages

5 digital pages of all 52 women of the Bible to print off for a special project at the end of the course we will use together with our Bible study books by making the book an embellishment holder for placement of the women to stand proudly in their prospective places amongst their page in the book. 

Bonus #2: Christian Planner

Receive a Christian Planner that is designed to help you integrate your faith into your daily life. The planner features a variety of pages to help you stay organized and focused on your spiritual journey, including a family Bible study plan, weekly Bible class, devotional pages, money and tithes tracker, reflections, insights, and family sermon pages.

With this planner, you will be able to set spiritual goals, track your progress, and deepen your connection with God and your family. Whether you're a busy parent, student, or working professional, this Christian Planner will help you prioritize your faith and stay on track with your daily responsibilities.

Bonus #3: Woman of the Bible Daily Tracker

This daily tracker will help you deepen your understanding of the 52 important women in the Bible. It includes lesson sheets where you can write down their names, their key scriptures, promises from God, stories and legacies of prayer, where they are mentioned in Scripture, etc. With this tracker, you will be able to reflect on the lives and legacies of these 52 inspiring women and see how their stories connect with your own faith journey. Whether you're looking for inspiration, guidance, or a deeper understanding of the Bible, this tracker will be a valuable resource for you.

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Our goal is to ensure affordability. By making a payment, you contribute to supporting our nonprofit ministry that not only provides Bibles but also generates incomes for the families involved in creating our digital pages. Additionally, we extend our support to provide meals for those in need and necessary items to local elderly and teen centers. Thus, your contribution becomes a vital part of our broader efforts

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Your Relationship with God is Personal

It's between YOU and HIM.

The best thing I can do is share what I (and thousands of other Christians) experience when we engage in the Word creatively.

This is by far the most affordable, compressive, monthly Bible journaling club on the market. As you read through the benefits above, you should ask yourself, "Am I looking for what others have found? Is peace, joy, knowledge, time with the Father, worth more than .16 cents a day?" You get to decide, but

I hope to see you on the inside of the Faith Pod!
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Transformations by our Friends

"I am in absolute awe of Tammy, she is a true soldier for God. Thank you for your messages and teachings my friend."

 Michele Dowty Realtor

"Today my Facebook group turns 3 and I wanted to thank you because you mentored me and helped me so much.  I wouldn't be here celebrating this achievement if God hadn't used you in my life. So thank you." 

Kelly Loudenslager

"I have known and been doing Bible studies with Tammy for several years now. She is a gifted teacher and researcher. Her studies have always lifted me up and I have come away with so much knowledge and wisdom. God has richly blessed my life with her."

Jill Bauman

"I feel blessed that I am with my Christian sisters and we have the opportunity to be in the Bible. It is amazing that being part of Tammy's Bible Study groups has helped my faith and knowledge grow stronger. Blessings."

Debbie Becker Metra RV Center

"I have found great benefit in taking Tammy's groups as she is very fair, Bible centered and uses Scripture as the back drop for just about everything. She encourages everyone to get in the Bible and research the things we learn on our own, so that you can use your own discernment that God gives you when reading the Word."

Lisa Szimhardt

Hi there, I'm Tammy!

Lying in the hospital bed for nearly 15 days and 6 of those in a coma, God kept reminding me about YOU.  As I started to recover, I began seeking the will of God and here we are today.  A clear vision, a clear mission and keeping my heart in tune with my Savior.  Guided by His will not mine,

More About Me

Other Effective Ways to Study the Living Word of God


Get a FREE micro Bible digital sticker page every week and journal along with me as we dive into our weekly lesson on my YouTube channel all while making a beautiful sticker page in a pocket mini Bible.

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Each month you will get a planned theme with Scripture prompts for each day AND a Micro Journal Digital sticker page each day! This pod is also invited to the private community to meet like minded friends where you can share ideas, get your questions answered and share all your creations.

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Thank You for Supporting You Ministries!

Feel free to donate more if you wish to sponsor the purchase of a Bible to someone in need or help and support the workers that feed their families by making these beautiful printable pages each month...and so much more. All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501C non-profit organization.
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