I'm Tammy!

Dreamer, Biblicist, Adventurer, Chief Motivator, & Creator of the Micro, Mini and Faith Pods!


I know what it feels like to want to serve God and be in His will. I was there just a few years ago....

Just like you, I wanted to succeed.

For the past several years, I spent my time digging in to ways that I could spend moreย  time in God's Word and retain it.

My Story...

After waking up from a coma, I had severe brain fog and hallucinations for a week. The hallucinations caused me to have delayed thought patterns that made it difficult for me to string words together when speaking.

We later found out that I was having silent seizures; which were treated with medication, the seizures were controlled, and my focus began to improve. The surgery took a lot out of me so I had to find a new way to study God's word.




Who would have thought...

I began using stickers and  journaling in the Bible as a way to relax and enjoy my time with the Lord creatively.  I found that because this was fun, easy and not something I needed to be an artist to do, I wanted to do it more and more and found it was deeply enriching my life.  

Then the lightbulb went off... I couldn't be the only one who struggles with keeping their attention in the pages while trying to study the Living Word of God and WOOLA, the Pods were born.

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Has the Lord called you to the Ministry?

I want to help you get started and bypass all the endless hours of trials and mishaps I experienced.  Scheduled your clarity call today.



Time is important, and I'm here to help you succeed.

I have owned and operated several small businesses from their infancy to fruition, including building an online ministry from the ground up.

I can teach you every step of how to do this without getting bogged down in the delays and hurdles I experienced along the way.

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TITUS 2:3-5  the mandate of this Scripture states that older women are to disciple younger women, teaching them how to grow in godliness in their distinct relationships and calling.


Words from our friends

"I have found great benefit in taking Tammy's groups as she is very fair, Bible centered and uses Scripture as the back drop for just about everything. She encourages everyone to get in the Bible and research the things we learn on our own, so that you can use your own discernment that God gives you when reading the Word."

Lisa Szimhardt

"Today my Facebook group turns 3 and I wanted to thank you because you mentored me and helped me so much.  I wouldn't be here celebrating this achievement if God hadn't used you in my life.  so thank you๐Ÿ’˜" 

Kelly Loudenslager

"I feel blessed that I am with my Christian sisters and we have the opportunity to be in the Bible. It is amazing that being part of Tammy's Bible Study groups has helped my faith and knowledge grow stronger. Blessings."

Debbie Becker Metra RV Center

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$5 FIVE Monthly

Micro Pod

Get a FREE micro Bible digital sticker page every week and journal along with me as we dive into our weekly lesson on my YouTube channel all while making a beautiful sticker page in a pocket mini Bible.
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Mini Pod

If you want to just stick to a monthly themed Scripture prompt theme that is simple and only takes about 15 minutes, then this is the pod for you!  Each month you will get a planned theme with Scripture prompts for each day AND a Micro Journal Digital sticker page each day!  This pod is also invited to the private community to meet like minded friends where you can share ideas, get your questions answered and share all your creations. 
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Faith Pod

You will receive 4 new Bible Journal Pages EVERY WEEK with extended lessons and devotions inside the Faith Pod.  That's a total of at least 20 printable pages per month in addition to the weekly micro page, plus monthly surprise bonus inside the Faith Pod, and an invite to a private community to meet like minded friends where you can share ideas, get your questions answered and share all your creations.
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You're going to love this!

We know you love spending time with your family. And we also know that you love to study the Bible. Why not combine them?

Each week, you'll get a new set of digital stickers that are based on a different topic in the Bible. Each week, you can go through the study materials, listen to the weekly YouTube lesson, or watch the videos—whatever works best for you. You can also make these pages with your family and friends right along with me!  They are easy...and I'm not very creative.  But here's what using stickers has done for me...

  • I spend more quality time with the Lord creating fun easy pages

  • I learn more about the people in the Bible each week on a deeper level

  • I spend time with other like minded people in the community

  • My support helps buy Bibles and support families that create these pages 


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DOWNLOAD one of our Micro Journal Printable pages immediately and receive one every week there after  FREE to accompany our lesson on our YouTube channel.


About me


God brought me out of a 6 day coma and into His service


My family calls me a wanderer


I love to draw with pencil

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