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A fresh approach to daily devotions. 

Included in the Mini Pod Journal Club:

🌷 Monthly Scripture Prompts 
🌷 Daily Printable Micro Bible Card with Stickers
🌷 Special Mini Pod Tracker

Join the Mini Pod Journal Club today!

Our theme for the next 12 months is Spiritual Garden.

I encourage you to embrace the Spiritual Garden as a metaphor for your spiritual growth and transformation. Let's cultivate a vibrant landscape where your soul finds nourishment, your heart finds solace, and your faith blossoms in full bloom.

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You're going to love this!

We know you love spending time with your family. And we also know that you love to study the Bible. Why not combine them?

Every month, you will receive a treasure trove of inspiration and tools with the Mini Pod Journal Club from YOU Ministries! Immerse yourself in the Word with our monthly Scripture prompts, unwrap daily nuggets of inspiration and encouragement through the Printable Micro Bible Stickers, and track your progress with the Mini Pod Tracker.

But here's what using stickers has done for me...

  • I spend more quality time with the Lord creating fun easy pages

  • I develop a deeper understanding of the Living Word of God

  • My support helps buy Bibles and support families that create these pages 

Join the Mini Pod Journal Club today!

An Easy, Fun and Interactive Way to Study God's Word!

It's a simple and enjoyable practice

As a child, I always loved using stickers, and despite feeling left out at times due to my lack of artistic ability compared to my mom and sister, I've realized that God meets us where we are and blesses us with unique gifts. Therefore, stickers have become an easy, fun, and effective way for me to connect with my Heavenly Father through His Word.

A fresh take on daily devotionals

Immerse yourself in monthly Scripture prompts, fueling your devotionals with fresh perspectives and deeper insights. Start each day with a printable micro Bible card adorned with stickers, offering daily surprises that inspire and uplift your faith. And with the special Mini Pod Tracker, you can stay on track and celebrate your progress on the journey of spiritual growth.

Pay only $10 a month

We want it to be affordable! Your payment goes to helping this nonprofit ministry that provides bibles and incomes to the families that make our digital pages. We also provide meals for the less fortunate and take in necessities to the local elderly and teen centers. So, you see - you become part of the bigger picture.

🌱  The Spiritual Garden  🌱

"Just as a garden flourishes with purposeful cultivation and nurturing, so too can your soul blossom when tended with intentionality and reflection rooted in Christian principles. Within the pages of your journal, immerse yourself in the rich symbolism and profound teachings of the Bible, uncovering the seeds of truth and wisdom that lie within its sacred texts."

The Spiritual Garden is a monthly curation of Scripture prompts that presents the garden as a metaphor for your own faith journey, guiding you to reflect upon the various elements that make up your inner landscape as a follower of Christ. Consider the seeds of faith, hope, and love that you sow, nurturing them with gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion. Contemplate the seasons of your life, recognizing the lessons and growth that each one brings forth under the loving care of the Heavenly Gardener.

The 12 monthly themes invite you to explore the profound beauty and significance of the garden metaphor within the context of your faith. As you engage with the thoughtfully curated daily Scripture prompts, you will find yourself gently guided to explore topics such as prayer, meditation, gratitude, and living out the teachings of Jesus. Each prompt serves as an invitation to dig deep into the fertile soil of your soul and cultivate a deeper connection with God and His Word.

Look forward to our Monthly Themes with 31 daily Scripture prompts for prayer, reflection, and devotion:

  • Month 1: Soil
  • Month 2: Compost
  • Month 3: Water
  • Month 4: Seeds
  • Month 5: Light
  • Month 6: Germination
  • Month 7: Roots
  • Month 8: Weeds
  • Month 9: Growth
  • Month 10: Flowers
  • Month 11: Pollinate
  • Month 12: Harvest


Here's what you'll get when you join the Mini Pod Journal Club

🌷 12 Monthly Themed Scripture Prompts
🌷 30 Daily Printable Micro Sticker Pages
(a total of 360+ pages for the entire year)
🌷 Special Monthly Tracker



Your Relationship with God is Personal

It's between YOU and HIM.


The best thing I can do is share what I (and thousands of other Christians) experience when we engage in the Word creatively.

Join the Mini Pod Journal Club today and experience the transformative power of daily devotion. For only $ 10 per month, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources, including special curated monthly Scripture prompts, daily printable micro Bible cards with stickers, and the special Mini Pod Tracker.

Take this opportunity to invest in your spiritual growth. 
Don't miss out on this incredible offer journey through the Bible!



Words from our friends...

Hi there, I'm Tammy!

Lying in the hospital bed for nearly 15 days and 6 of those in a coma, God kept reminding me about YOU.  As I started to recover, I began seeking the will of God and here we are today.  A clear vision, a clear mission and keeping my heart in tune with my Savior.  Guided by His will not mine.


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