Christian Comedians: Clean Fun Act

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2021

Among the fastest growing segments of the entertainment scene are Christian Comedians shedding their soft skin for some tough competition. Who would have thought that this would begin from a pastor cracking up in his church in hopes to wake up his audiences? Yet the spawn of the Christian comedians’ popularity has been foreseen earlier on.

You would have to agree with me that religion has always been part of the roots of American entertainment. After all, religion has always found its expression through singing, dancing, and theatrical performances. You can see that gospel music has inspired Broadway musicals as “Jesus Christ Superstar” and has even made a huge leap in the rock music industry. Thus it only makes sense that Christian expressions would reach the comedy genre as well. However Christian comedians have a separate appeal from Christian musicians.

Not only does it fulfill the yearnings for a religious content or expression but it also neutralizes the prevalent profanity of average comedians. The demand for Christian comedians grew from the need of “clean comedy”. Contrariwise, comedy doesn’t always have to be dirty just to be funny. Yes, everyone wants fun but not all people want to hear obscenity ever so often. And what about kids, the youth? Even some adults find the common comedy material as too negative for their morals. So now’s the chance for Christian comedy; and don’t be mistaken that all Christian comedians focus on giving a Christian-themed material.

Christian comedians also deal with subjects as politics, social justice, and current events. Best of all, no matter what their focus, you’ll find their approach to have a more upbeat and positive attitude. Not only are they free from much social controversy, but Christian comedians personally find their acts more fulfilling, and not just morally.

Christian comedians pride themselves for providing fun out of sheer intelligence and creativity, so they’re not too serious or boring, they’re clever. In truth they are the most provocative, sophisticated, relevant, and vibrant entertainers of the modern days, and their sketches can go from a comical strict conformist to just plain adventurous and funny streetwise chap.

If you watch Jay Leno then a bit of Christian “clean comedy” won’t hurt you. Whether for a church fund-raiser, or club or private party, Christian comedians are sure to be as fulfilling as entertaining, inspiring as modern, and as morals-affirming as making everyone laugh and simply have a good time.





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