The New Live Your Best Life Now Academy

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Live an enriched life by taking a 30 day deep dive into 4 monthly topics. Learn how to live your very best life by refusing to settle for less. 


Are you truly happy?



How long has it been since you felt a level of contagious, infectious, unstoppable happiness?  

For many, the answer is, “Well, it’s been a while. I used to be happy, but then life took its toll.” But there’s good news!

Our happiness doesn’t have to be connected to who we are, what we have, or the things that have happened to us. 

 Join the Academy now to learn each month how to Live Your Best Life Now with a new 30 day deep dive into 4 topics. Each topic has a week worth the new content each month giving you 4 weeks of 4 new topics each and every month that starts at the beginning of the month. Each month we will study together new topics that will better our thoughts, life, happiness and even help with our work goals.
Join now to explore unexpected paths to true, lasting happiness - one that produces reliable joy in any season of life.

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What's Included

All of the incredible things included

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 Monthly Workshops

Each month we dive deep into our themes.  This gives us a chance to congregate virtually with other colleagues and discuss out months topics together.  Many times this will include a worksheet, bonus, or both.

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Monthly Community Theme

Each month we have a beautiful theme that will coincide with content in our private Facebook Community

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Private Facebook Community

We have a beautiful community in our private Facebook group.  This is an additional space that you will find additional resources, videos, and events not to mention the fellowship with others of like mind.  

Why Self Development?

Self-development is the key focus of The New Live Your Best Life Academy and personal, spiritual, business, and fitness development is a chance for you to know more about yourself.

Going through this process improves your self-awareness. Through this process you can learn many things about yourself including:

✨ Personal values

✨ Spiritual values

✨ Business values

✨ Fitness values

✨ Strengths

✨ Weaknesses

✨ Beliefs

✨ Successes

✨ Failures

Also, there may be certain truths about yourself that you may not even know about or be willing to accept. Once you accept certain truths, you can be more successful. This is because you will know what the problem is and look for the best solution. 

This is what we cover each month with new topics.

Weekly Topics

Four practical areas of development each month that will bring value and enrich your life

Payment Plan

Regular Annual Price: $540 USD / Regular Monthly Price: $67 USD

Take this opportunity to purchase the offer for 50% OFF the original price!

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Be part of the bigger picture! Each payment is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, HELPS the less fortunate and BUYS a Bible for someone in need! 💜

The New Live Your Best Life Now Academy - Monthly Plan

$45 USD/monthly


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When I first started looking for a solution, I realized there is a lot of courses, webinars, etc to choose from.  However, the courses I took were full of fillers and things I didn't need that basically took too much time to complete.  No only were they time consuming they did not hit on all the areas I needed so I would have to buy 4 different sorts of courses to fulfil what I was needing to fill my tank and felt as though there was a conspiracy against me, a false belief, a misunderstanding.

Being a former college instructor I knew there had to be a better way  then the traditional methods that didn't work and left me super frustrated.

I then had an ah-ha moment that brought me the result, benefit, and solution I was  looking for.

Here's what they say about the academy . . .

Being in the course has brought me closer to God!

- Sapphira, 24

I have tried many online courses in the past but this course has deeper impact on me. It taught me to focus more on my self development in order to be successful

- Trisha, 32

Tammy has been a great coach and has been guiding me every step of the way

- Melanie, 45

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