Meet The Team

Meet God's Team

Two Sister's on God's Team

I'm so happy you're here! My name is Tammy, Founder of You Ministries and I'm a scoliosis/fusion survivor, a child of God, married to my stand by your side man, and a woman on a mission to help others!

When I was a teenager I suffered from severe scoliosis.  For years and years I dove into athletics and health to escape the all scary spinal fusion surgery. And I would cry and pray to the Lord. 

And when the Almighty answered, I listened.  I became a fitness enthusiast.  Eventually I opened up my own gym, became a personal trainer and health coach.  I loved every minute of it and still do. 

Now, age has caught up and at the age 56 I needed the fusion surgery with no way out.  As I spoke to God about this and what I would do next...he replied in my dream Y...O...U...YOU!

As I was getting to the root of my issue, God kept pressing on my heart to work on me.  I followed through and had the first of a two part surgery on December 3, 2019 7 hours, the second part on December 5, 2019 17 hours.  Then it happened...I was in a coma for the next 6 days.  During this time my husband and sister were by my side.  My sister knew that I needed to fulfill Gods work by creating You Ministries.  Stephanie would talk to me about all the work I needed to do and all I remember is being cradled in God's hands.

Lying in the hospital bed for nearly 15 days, God kept reminding me about YOU.  As I started to recover, I began seeking the will of God and here we are today.  A clear vision, a clear mission and keeping my heart in tune with my Savior.  Guided by His will not mine, I hope that you find something on our site that speaks to you. 

                                                 Tammy XO

Meet Stephanie Ortega

My name is Stephanie Rose Ortega and Co-Founder of You Ministries. I am a child of God and I serve my Lord Jesus Christ who I love with all my heart and soul.  The love I feel from the Lord is the strongest Love I’ve ever felt.  I have been married for years.  My husband and I have raised boys and now are enjoying granddaughter and finally a grandson.

 I was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of nine.  I was laying in bed and was thinking of the old picture (not old then) with Jesus knocking at the door.  Suddenly I could hear in my head a knock and a voice saying "Steph, do you want me to come in?" I said yes, of course, I repented of my sins and told him I believed He died for my sins, that I believed He rose from the grave three days later.

 I’m not sure how the next part happened, maybe I was crying from joy, and I called to my mom.  She came in, I told her what I did, she hugged me and that’s all I can remember about that night.  Looking back now I see this is the first of many times I would meditate with the Lord. The Lord has given me a passion to help and care for people.  I have been on many mission trips to Mexico and to Romania in 1997.  I’m currently doing a homeless ministry and working on starting my Bachelors of Christen Arts.  

Thank you and may God Bless you like he has me.