God Says if You Build it I Will Fill it; The Beginning of Camp Sukkot

biblical camp sukkah sukkot Jun 03, 2020

The Beginning of Camp Sukkot

It all started with a water feature. We just moved to a home my sister owns with just about 2 acres of land. My husband Ernie knows how much I love waterfalls, so he built me a beautiful water feature that attracts all kinds of local wildlife to it's waters.    We had a water feature in the home we had before.  The peace it gave me from listening to the water, watching all the birds and  wildlife is simply priceless.

Admiring the Handiwork

Ernie is a awesome handyman! I  love admiring his  skills. When he finished building the water feature and while we were still outside admiring his work , Ernie turned to me and said "this would be a perfect place to have a Bible study."  Later that day I was looking out the kitchen window admiring my new pond.  I couldn't help but imagine people sitting around the fire pit,  listening to the sounds of the water falling from the rocks, all while the cool breeze blew just enough to take away any discomforts from the day we might have had.  We could all be studying the Word of God together and lifting each other up in prayer.  All the wonderful things we love to do with fellow believers. 

If You Build it I Will Fill it

That's when the spirit of the Lord says to me.  You can have Sukkot here. My 1st thought was, oh yeah that would be awesome! My 2nd thought was, how would I do that? My 3rd thought was, I need to pray about this and see if Ernie would do the same.  

Ernie and I started praying about Sukkot when the Lord reminded me that our leader Al,  of our church,  said he would love to do a Sukkot outside one year. This was of my first confirmation! The next step would be asking  Al if he would like to do Sukkot out in Wilhoit. So that very next church service I went to Al and asked him about Ernie and I hosting a Sukkot on our property,  and guess what...his answer was yes. Praise God I received another confirmation!


Coming up

In the weeks to come we will be going on a journey to discover what Sukkot is, why it's celebrated, and the steps we are taking for setup. Sukkot is for everyone. You do not have to be Jewish to enjoy the celebration. We will be going through and showing you the process along the way and explaining why  we chose to host Sukkot. We will also be talking about "what is a Sukkah?"  "how do you build one?" and "what is the Biblical principle?."

Wrap up


Summing this all up I want to say one of the biggest reasons we have decided to host Sukkot is because God has  blessed us with a home that has the most beautiful surroundings, the biggest clearest sky for all to experience multitudes of stars during Sukkot.The sunsets are loaded full of vibrant colors of majestic wonder only God can bring.  We would love to share this with all our brothers and sisters as we celebrate Sukkot together in the Biblical way.
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Stephanie xo
Co Founder You Ministries


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