4 Tips to Cure Sunday Blues

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Do you ever get the feeling of being sad when the weekend has ended? And do you get anxious on the upcoming week where you have to go to work again and then the week fills you with so much to do.  Most middle class workers have only a two-day weekend day off to rest from the long work they have completed in the prior week, but is not enough to fuel up your tired body and mind.

The feeling of Sunday blues or others called it Sunday Night Blues, does not only affect people who worked on a 9-5-day job, but it also triggers people who are at home, especially mothers who take care of their children.

Some people think on a Sunday evening as a stressful time, for going back to school, getting ready for a presentation in the office, or stacking up deliveries in your store. Also, feeling anxious or sad can lead people to struggle to sleep through the night. Because not a lot of people uses Sunday to rest, as this is the time to do their other to-do-list outside from work.

Take Encouragement As Your Fuel 

We might feel that the week has ended again but let us focus on the good side of working or being able to do something on a weekday. You should encourage yourself more to be energize in your upcoming work week. And instead of complaining that the week is over, be grateful and thank God because he has given you another day, another week or month to live on.


You know the great feeling when it's already Friday and the day finally ends. Wrapping up your work week, turning off your computer and saying goodbye to your gloomy desk and you have a whole 48 hours to have a lot of fun! As the quote says ‘’Thank God it’s FRIDAY!’’. 

Jesus Will Give You Rest

We need to  create a diversion for us to be able to beat Sunday Blues. It will not be easy for some people who experiences depression and anxiety, but YOU CAN DO IT. Trust yourself that you will be able to overcome it and do it along the way. You may always turn yourself to Jesus whenever you feel sad or feel tired.

 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.“ Matthew 11:28-29

Make Time

But it is very common for some people to get depress by  Sunday evening, because the weekend has finally ended. If you suffer from this, it’s likely you have less sufficient time to revitalize, distress and rest. You should definitely know how to make use of your weekend. 


Starting The Week With Happiness

It is very hard to watch the last few minutes of the weekend that is fading away. But NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and you will be able to enjoy Mondays from then on! So if you feel down as Monday approaches, here are some top few tips to make sure that your Sundays blues won’t cut away you weekend.

Have a Fun Activity

Some of us usually stay at home during weekends to lie down on the couch, but it will be more depressing since you will have more time for some negative thoughts and may lead in having anxiety.

Try planning a fun activity, it may be doing one of your hobbies, going out to see the movies with some friends, or even go shopping! Going out my be tiring too, but by doing it, you’ll be having that great sensational feeling of happiness.

Plan Ahead

One of the good ways to get out of Sunday Blues is to plan your week ahead. By doing so you will be able to have more time to treat yourself. Over the weekend. If you are doing a 9-5 office day job, it is better to clear of your email so you will start fresh on the upcoming weekday. You can even draft some emails and set a schedule sending date. By organizing everything it will greatly help you to have a better weekend.

Rest and Recharge 

Always make sure that you are getting enough sleep as this is very important. Set a time for your sleep and make sure it is good enough for you to be able to recharge for the upcoming week. When your mind is peaceful, you’ll have a calm heart. If you are not able to get sleep at night, take a power nap. As per study, 30 minutes is the best length, but 15 minutes can refresh you.

Be With You Family

Give your time to your loved ones. They are the best and most special people to spend time with for your weekend. You can go to a restaurant to eat out, or plan to go somewhere  like swimming or beach, or simply hang out together. When you connect yourself to someone  you enjoy, you will feel joyful and recharged for the rest of the week.

With these tips, you can have a better and more enjoyable weekend, setting a positive attitude for the start of another work week.


Better Sundays Ahead

Saying goodbye to your weekend is one thing most of us never wanted to look forward to, but you should not let this drag you completely down. It is better to free up some of your time for you to be able to take full advantage of your weekend and cure the Sunday night blues, you may even begin to look forward to a good week ahead. And don't ever forget to seek guidance from Jesus.

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