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The Call To Leadership

You Ministries exists to extend the transforming presence of Jesus Christ to all women in all life seasons and is committed to their growth through prayer, Bible study, discipleship, and outreach.

The greatest leader of all was Jesus. He did not put up a sign up sheet when it came to choosing His disciples. He prayed about it and then carefully chose who would join Him in His ministry. He encouraged them, cared for them, cheered for them and even corrected them.

One of my favorite quotes from Henry and Richard Blackaby: "Spiritual leadership is moving people on to God's agenda." And that my sister's is my heart's cry, and I pray that it is yours as well.

God called me and Stephanie to this ministry. He instructs us, leads us, corrects us, cheers for us and even shows us some of His sense of humor! We are honored He chose us. We get excited when He shows us what is happening next, or answers our call.

The next phase God has brought to our attention is the number 12. There will be a team of 12. This is so exciting. And for us to be extraordinary, we must listen to God and bring it to all of our sister's for prayer.

With 6 members of the team in place, that leaves 6 more of you that God has chosen to become part of the flock of whom he has chosen me and Stephanie as the shepherds. We are not paid, we do all that we do out of the love and obedience to our Father above. It is time for us to begin filling the open spots.

We are asking everyone to come together and pray to God that He personally moves the right people into these openings of the team. These spots are going to be simply doing God's will, there is no monetary gift for these positions, but in God's eyes you will be moving people on to God's agenda...and that is powerful.

If you feel that God is leading you to fulfill His work and join the You Ministries 12, please message us so we can talk and pray together.

Thank you all for consistently keeping us in your prayers! God bless each and every one of you!

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The Call To Leadership

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