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Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? Every penny will help.


We always welcome large contributions, but because we serve children, families and seniors facing hunger in our community, even the smallest year-end contribution goes a long way.





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Support our local experts and changemakers already bringing transformation in the lives of the vulnerable in our communities.


Thank You!

Your Tithes Goes to the Purchases of Bibles and Necessities for the Less Fortunate 

We personally shop based on hours spent with the less fortunate and seeking the things that are actually needed and will be used.  We deliver the goods that you help purchase by going into camps, the streets, water-ways and wherever God leads us, wherever we are needed.  At this time God has us working in the USA, but we follow His lead and will help wherever He sends us.

In the future we would like to have a trailer with portable showers to take around to the camps.  We know God has this in the works and continue to pray for this.  We are also in the conception stage of working on a portable soup kitchen to provide hot meals to the camps.  Please keep our outreach ministry in your prayers.



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