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Which pod will it be?  The Micro Pod?  The Faith Pod or The Mini Pod?  Check them all out for Free and you decide 1,2, 3 or all?

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Free Mini-Series

If you're like me and like to test the waters before diving into something new, than this is the FREE Mini Series for you!  Each video gives you a little taste of what each of our three "Pods" are all about along with with a FREE digital printable activity to create.  Check them out starting with our Free Micro Pod, then move on to the Faith Pod and then finally on to the Mini Pod.  I do believe there is something for everyone!

Day 1

The Micro Pod

Day 2

The Faith Pod

Day 3

The Mini Pod

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What's inside?

Each Video here will have some digital  printable activities you can try while journaling together in each of the different pod types to see if any will suit your lifestyle. 


After waking up from a coma, I had severe brain fog and hallucinations for a week. The hallucinations caused me to have delayed thought patterns that made it difficult for me to string words together when speaking. We later found out that I was having silent seizures; which were treated with medication, the seizures were controlled, and my focus began to improve. The surgery took a lot out of me so I had to find a new way to study God's word.

I began using stickers and  journaling in the Bible as a way to relax and enjoy my time with the Lord creatively.  I found that because this was fun, easy and not something I needed to be an artist to do, I wanted to do it more and more and found it was deeply enriching my life.  

Then the lightbulb went off... I couldn't be the only one who struggles with keeping their attention in the pages while trying to study the Living Word of God and WOOLA, the Pods were born.

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What my students are saying

You're not alone and you're in good company

Lisa Szimhardt

"Tammy's groups are fun and engaging.  The topics are interesting  and relevant to the current age.  Those deep dives are really something because they get you really thinking about how you understand how the Bible reads and learn how to apply it in your daily life.

I have found great benefit in taking Tammy's groups as she is very fair, Bible centered and uses Scripture as the back drop for just about everything.  She encourages everyone to get in the Bible and research the things we learn on our own, so that you can use your own discernment that God gives you when reading the Word.

I really love her integrity, discipline and dedication to the Word of God.  She is well worth coming to her groups!  " 


Free Mini-Series

My mission is to help other like-minded women deepen their knowledge of the Living Word of God creativity.  If you consider yourself on a mission to strengthen  your  relationship with our Father  like me then join me in this 3-part video series and let's see if perhaps  one, two or all three Pods might be the perfect option for you!