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A little about me and how I came to be doing this


I've always been a follower of Jesus as long as I can  remember.  My mom use to tell me that every Sunday I couldn't wait to go down to alter call and pray.  Have you noticed that some churches do not even have  this anymore...what a shame as it was a special place to me.

So I love to meet with the Lord on my terms and I love to teach others that there is no right way to meet with Him as long as you are meeting with  Him!  You see, He just wants to meet you where you are and in the space you are in.  

As women we wear so many hats and I think that it is ok to meet with our Father in a creative fun space for that special time to spend with Him in His Word.  He longs for  the relationship with us and if you have followed my coma story...well being in this space creatively really helps with my focus.

I  do hope you take some time to  enjoy these fun, quick ways to dive a little deeper into God's Living Word today!